Strictly Flamenco!

Workshops for schools

Stradbroke Junior Gorleston
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Aylsham High School
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Brownies at Horsford
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Firside Hellesdon
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Debbie has taught many flamenco workshops in schools, at all levels, primary, secondary and 6th form. Debbie teaches workshops in schools, as part of a Spanish project, European week, or to complement language learning. Debbie has also presented workshops in schools for children with special needs.

Debbie's school workshops are fun, exciting and entertaining as well as educational. They are designed to give children an authentic flavour of Flamenco, the music, the rhythm and the dance. Accompanied by her flamenco guitarist, Stuart Reynolds, she begins the workshops by teaching "palmas", i.e. clapping various flamenco rhythms, from simple 4-beat tangos to the more complicated 12-beat rhythm, and the syncopated contra palmas. Then she teaches basics of flamenco dance techniques, including wrist and arm movements, and simple footwork. Finally she combines these elements with simple steps to form a complete short choreography that the children can perform in front of their peers.


The Plays by Lorca, "Yerma" and "Blood Wedding", are often on the GCSE curriculum. If schools are planning to study or perform these plays, Debbie can teach suitable flamenco choreography. She has taught choreography to drama and English students at Gt.Yarmouth College and Wymondham College, and she has also choreographed dances for a play set in 1935 Spain.