Strictly Flamenco!

Frequently Asked Questions...


What are the benefits of learning to dance Flamenco?

Fitness and health,

co-ordination, grace and agility,

improve posture and self-confidence,

learn music and rhythm,

learn Spanish culture and Spanish language.

Oh, and it's FUN!

What should I wear?

It is important to wear shoes with a small (cuban) heel such as outdoor shoes or character shoes (available from dance shops). You can't make a noise with trainers! "Proper" flamenco shoes have a heel and a strap so that they stay on during footwork, and nails in the heels and toes. However good quality flamenco shoes are expensive and not readily available in Norwich. The best place to buy them is in "El Mundo Flamenco" in London (Duke Street off Oxford Street) who also do mail order, or from numerous internet websites. (See Links Page).

Otherwise, wear loose comfortable clothing that you can move in. Ladies and girls may wish to wear a long full flamenco skirt, but it is not essential.

Do I need a partner?

No. Flamenco is primarily a solo dance, or it may be performed in groups. If you need a partner for "Sevillanas", the feria dance performed by couples in the streets and bars, a partner will be found for you within the class.

How quickly will I learn?

Some people learn more quickly than others so everyone is encouraged to learn at their own pace and no-one is under pressure. There are beginner levels and also more advanced levels for those who learn more quickly. But remember, it takes time and practice to learn to dance! If you give flamenco patience and practice, it will reward you with its unique, exciting and beautiful style.